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We offer a supply and install service, meaning you get the best possible value for your project. Our products come from UK and European manufacturers and distributors, and cover all aspects of Sport, Play & Landscape artificial turf. We also supply and install various shock pads and base systems to suit your individual needs.

Sand Dressed

Sand dressed, or second generation artificial turf, is a high specification sports surface used predominantly for hockey, tennis, cricket wickets and golf putting greens. The profile is dense in yarn and requires less sand to support the pile of the carpet to create stability. Sand dressed surfaces usually have a pile height of between 12 and 22mm and can be accredited with an FIH (hockey) or an ITF (tennis) certificate. This surface is also popular for installing on MUGA pitches (Multi Use Games Areas)

Sand Filled

Sand filled surfaces date back to the original first generation of synthetic grass surfaces installed in 1965 by Astroturf TM at the Houston Astrodome in America for American Football. Whilst still used predominantly for MUGA pitches (Multi Use Games Areas), the technology of synthetic grass has increased dramatically. The sand filled surface is durable and can be used for a host of recreational sports such as football, tennis, hockey, netball, basketball, athletics, cricket, rounders & volleyball.


​3G or third generation synthetic grass is used for football and rugby predominantly. The 3G system consists of three separate elements; synthetic turf, silica sand infill and performance infill (SBR, EPDM or cork). 3G is the latest accredited artificial turf technology and is designed to replicate natural turf performance. 3G surfaces usually have a pile height of between 35 and 65mm and can be accredited with a FIFA (Football), WRU (Rugby Union), IRL (Rugby League) or GAA (Gaelic Football) certificate.


Soft, dense fibres and a natural look have contributed to the sharp growth in domestic lawns being converted to artificial turf. Low maintenance and a pet/child friendly product, landscape artificial turf products are popular in areas where natural turf struggles to grow, or the drainage performance is poor. Most domestic artificial lawns are built on between 50mm-150mm of crushed stone with either sharp sand or shock pad as leveling layers under the turf. Pile height range from 25mm to 50mm with silica sand dressed in to keep the fibre upright.

Non-Infill (4G)

​Unofficially known as fourth generation (4G), non-infill systems rely on the density and combination of yarns for its performance. No sand or performance infills are required. Although not accredited by any sports national governing body, non-infill products often provide a good solution for rooftop installations where system weight is a consideration and also for facilities where low maintenance is a requirement. Typically a mix of fibrillated and texturised monofilament fibres, non-infilled systems are more expensive than filled systems due to their more complex structures, the difference can be recouped during the products lifecycle.

Base Panels

Sub base construction is normally down to the contractor and involves digging out the topsoil and back filling with crushed stone to get a levelling layer before installing artificial turf. With a continued drive to reduce our carbon footprint, the Base Panel Series 22 offers a system that means that less soil is excavated and less stone is required to provide a stable base. Made of a fully recycled polymer, the panel provides excellent drainage and shock absorbing properties as well as a stable underlay to install artificial turf on.

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