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We have extensive knowledge and experience in installing many different surfaces. From sand dressed to sand filled, 3G to landscape and non-infill to needle punch, we install the surface that best suits your end use application.

We also provide a removal service if your facility has an existing surface that needs to be uplifted and removed.

When thinking about installing a new artificial turf surface, one of the main considerations is the type and quality of the base that the surface will be installed on. Our FREE, no obligation survey and quote will take all of this into consideration.


Multi-Use Games Areas are the ideal solution for schools and clubs looking to use their area for a variety of sports & activities. MUGA pitches can be divided up into different sports specific areas with various different coloured lines and/or artificial turf, creating a versatile and efficient use of space

From full size to practice and skills areas, there are a variety of surfaces in the marketplace to accommodate the performance and skills demands for Hockey. Ask about our Athletics Skills Model that is designed to improve individual skills set in movement, hand/eye coordination and mobility
Typically a surface with the lowest pile height due to ball bounce performance. Tennis surfaces range in speed from 1-5 and also come as synthetic, clay or as a tile. Predominantly constructed on an engineered base, the synthetic and tile surfaces are at the faster end of the range with the clay courts being slower
Football / Rugby
3G or ‘Third Generation’ surfaces are longer pile systems designed to replicate the natural turf qualities with a combination of sand and rubber crumb or cork infill. Pile heights range from 40mm to 65mm and offer a combination of performance levels from community-based usage to elite level systems
Adventure golf and Foot Golf venues are installed with a mixture of the short pile sand dressed and the longer pile Landscape surfaces. With this mix we are able to replicate the Green, the Fairway and the Rough playing conditions of a natural turf course. Base construction is designed to offer unique breaks specific to each facility
Cricket practice nets and artificial wickets are an ever-present at Clubs throughout the country. Short pile, non-infilled or sand dressed surfaces are installed on a shock pad to replicate the ball bounce. Single or multi-lane projects can be installed on a stone base with edging detail and ground anchors for the nets.
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